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Krakow Airport Taxi


If you are planning your trip to Krakow you have to know that the airport isn't located in the town centre. It' located approx. 15 kilometers from the centre. There are public transport services running (e.g. Buses, Train), but why not consider to book your own Krakow Airport Taxi service.

Polish language is no simmilar to any other language, yes they do speak english, in the hotel reception, information desks, but I wouldn't expect a bus driver to speak any foreign language though.

My advise would be: if you want an adventure- get a bus, if you don't wanna hassle on the first day of your stay there- book a Krakow Airport Taxi service and enjoy your transfer to DownTown/ Krakow town centre.

If you book a taxi with them, make sure you get a business card from the driver. They can often provide you with competitive rates on transfers to and from Auschwitz- Nazi Death Camp, or to the oldest in Europe Salt Mine in Wieliczka.

Tips are common and depending on the service you received you may leave ~5-10% tip.

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